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The Burial Ground

Click on each headstone to open a close-up image in a new window – see also "More Information" below

Burial Ground - South East headstone1 headstone123 headstone2 headstone4 headstone5 headstone8 headstone24 headstone7 headstone13 headstone12 headstone15 headstone11 headstone22 headstone18 headstone21 headstone6 headstone10 headstone17 headstone20 headstone14 headstone16 headstone19 headstone3

Above: looking north-west from the south-east corner

Below: looking south-west from the north-east corner

Burial Ground - North East headstone1 headstone6 headstone10 headstone14 headstone16 headstone19 headstone2 headstone17 headstone20 headstone4 headstone7 headstone11 headstone5 headstone8 headstone12 headstone24 headstone18 headstone15 headstone13 headstone21 headstone22 headstone3

More Information

• 'Montgomeryshire Records No. MGY-MI/79:
Llangurig Chapels & Cemetery Memorial Inscriptions'

published by Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society – Cymdeithas Achyddol Maldwyn
General Editor: David Petley-Jones
ISSN 1359-558X, © 2nd Edition 2008
£3.00, plus postage UK £1.50 Europe £3.00 Worldwide £4.50
Available from: Heather Lawton, Minyrafon, Berriew, Welshpool, Powys SY21 8PJ
Telephone: 01686 640313

There is more information – details of headstones, inscriptions, names extracted from documents, etc – about other burial grounds in Montgomeryshire in this and the very many other wonderful booklets and other reference works published by Montgomeryshire Genealogical Society and available from the same source

• John's Homepage … incorporating the Welsh Family History Archive
… and a whole mass of other fascinating stuff